Origins - Malibu, CA and Miami, FL.

Colleges - Rollins College, Berklee College of Music, Universite de Paul Cezanne

Habitats - Miami, Vero Beach, Boston, Brooklyn, Aix en Provence. Adirondacks.

Sounds - Intimate. Glaringly Honest Vocals. Melodic Choruses. A Unique Blend. Fresh. Cool Guitar Rhythms.

Listening - John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Elbow, Patty Griffin, Jackson Browne, Paul Simon, Led Zeppelin, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Renaissance Vocal Music, Beethoven and Bach.

Likes - Vegetable Juice. Yoga. Kettlebells. Guitars. Historical Art. Cowboy Boots. Selvedge Denim. The Psalter. Apples. the color Red. Coffee in the East Vill. Hacker Crafts.